Saturday, September 18, 2010

AV Software Review

Until now, I have always preferred a free antivirus program that will help me convert or burn DVDs to transfer them into my gadgets or even play them in my DVD player at home. As what you've read on my other reviews, I have around 230 DVDs and out of those, around 70 are movies for my kids or for the whole family.

My kids have already destroyed a lot of DVDs that I burn due to scratching them on the floor or perhaps spilling juice on them after watching that movie. Of course, these things took place since my DVD organizer is easy to reach and when my kids haven't reached 3 and 7 years old.

This is why I backup nearly every DVD that I own (and want to keep) that my kids can actually reach and touch themselves. Combine this with the fact that we have a car DVD system and I don't want to keep the original movies in the car, I backup about 7-10 family movies to keep in the car at all times and rotate these out for long trips.

And so this is when the free antivirus download software is necessary since it can convert DVDs into media files, mpeg or simply backup a DVD to another DVD.

DVD Ripper quickly and efficiently allows you to rip movie DVDs and back them up so that you can keep your originals in pristine condition. You can even use DVD Ripper Mac to backup movies on your Apple OS X desktop or laptop if you don't want to have to or don't use Windows.

Backing up movies and DVD's couldn't be easier and you can choose whatever video size you want when you rip the video. It's also possible to select particular portions of the movie that you want to rip and place them on your blog or in a Youtube show.

The software does cost $35.95 for the standard edition and $45.95 for the platinum edition, this is on par with other DVD ripper products, though typically for this type of software I prefer $29 95 or less.

There are other DVD backup software products but I found this one worth featuring on my Technology Blog and I have had a chance to review several other DVD copying/backup software products before.

Clean Up Your Registry to Skyrocket Your PC Performance

With regards to the efficiency of computers, Windows with clean registry plays a big role here. And, when the registry is filled with bugs, it can slow down the performance of a computer considerably.

You're on the right course when you've experienced having a slow computer, did everything to solve this, and is right now thinking about cleaning the registry files of Windows. Get ready to find out how you can speed up your computer and get Windows operating in top shape again!

What a Registry is

A registry actually is an array of the different operations as well as softwares in the computer which is used for controlling it's operating system. A clean registry ensures optimum system performance. Once you have a registry that isn't clean, the computer system will have to operate harder in order to run commands which are unnecessary and this in turn will take up too much space and power.

Cleaning the Registry

In order to fix registry errors properly, you need to have the proper software. It's possible to remove unnecessary files manually however, it is not easy to detect the accurate files to be removed especially when you do not know which files to remove. Believe it or not, this can make it more problematic when compared to what you initially began with.

The best thing to do is to get a free anti-virus download in order to clean the Windows. This is a piece of software that will scan your entire system and find any errors, corrupted files or any unused files. All unused files will come out, and it will be up to you to erase them, in order to get rid of them away from your system. Doing this will clean up your registry, and thus increasing the efficiency of your system.

Why it Works

Instead of you worrying about such issues, the registry cleaner software will manage all of these. As for those people who do not know how to use the computer very well, they do not have to worry because this software is also very user-friendly and simple to use. You'll be able to avoid taking your PC to the local computer repair shop to pay them a couple hundred bucks to perform the same duties as you would've by using registry cleaner software.

If you want to speed up your computer and bring it back to life again without spending an arm and a leg, get your Windows registry cleaned out with the right free antivirus software. You will surely be pleased with it.

Virus & CyberCrime Environment 2010

Sadly it is essential you get a free antivirus download to protect your PC. Viruses in the computer are nowadays escalating and so you must protect your computer from such so that you will not be a victim of these scammers.

Furthermore, there are also safety measures for you to enhance the security of your computer. Follow these steps to see how you can help keep the cyber criminals away.

Download All of the Patches for your Operating System

Those scammers will often try to use the security loophole in your operating system. Your computer operating system contains a built in security wherein it continues to update the software to lessen your risk of scammers destroying your system. Make sure that you always keep your system up to date with the latest softwares from Microsoft.

You can have a look at the Microsoft website for any recent updates yet it is far better to place your computer in a mode wherein it automatically updates to ensure that you're constantly updated. You can set automatic updates via your Control Panel in the Security area.

Disconnect From the Internet

Reduce the risk of getting a computer virus and disconnect from the Internet when you are not using it. After you have been online malware can automatically execute on your machine when you have finished using your computer it is always best to disconnect from the Internet and turn your machine off.

Make Sure Your Email Spam Filters are Properly Configured

Computer viruses are often spread via attachments and links in emails. Once you do not know the person who sent you the email, it is better if you just don't open it. Emails contain a lot of cyber scams wherein they carry harmful viruses to hack your personal information.

Don't Download Pirated Software    

We often used the internet to get files and download them in our computer. However, be cautious when downloading files as this may contain viruses. Make sure you trust the source as malicious code could be present on the download.

Use an Encrypted Password Management System

For each site that you log in, you have to have different passwords because once a hacker will know one of your passwords, he/she will use this to hack your other accounts. It is much easier to remember only one password than many, so many people use the same password for everything. But it is also a big security risk, so try adding numbers of using a mixture of upper and lower case.

Even though these tips will lessen the risk of viruses getting into your system, it is still most ideal to get a free anti-virus download into your computer to completely protect you from such viruses.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Antivirus Options

One should be aware of some factors before getting a free antivirus software. There are several versions of antivirus software available. It also has single-user and multi-user licensing. Let's take a closer look at multi-user versions and see how this option of antivirus might benefit your business.

It is important to understand the difference between single-user and multi-user. The main difference is the extent of usage of the said software. Single-user license only allow one installation in a single computer for use of one user. Hence, for your co-worker, for example, to be able to use the software, he or she will have to wait for you to finish using your computer. 

With multi-user license, all computers within the network can access and use the software. Multiple access is made possible by means of local area network of computers. With multiple and simultaneous access, office operation is made a lot easier than usual.

Added benefits of Multi-license antivirus

People can benefit so much from using multiple-licensing software. You are able to delegate more tasks thus can achieve various objectives more efficiently. Any latest revisions and updates can easily be consolidated. Faster transactions are made possible.Transaction delays and confusion is prevented.
Multi-user license software also encourages multi-tasking. Free Antivirus download software is highly secured and protected. You can limit access for each department or manager and only allow them to see what you want them to see. Thus, company staff and personnel can continually performed their functions without putting any harm to existing data.


Anyone can enjoy the benefits of multi-user license upon purchasing complete and premium versions of Antivirus. These versions offer multi-user accessibility. You can choose from among manufacturing, construction, non-profit, and accounting versions of the software. You can used premium and complete versions for up to 5 users. Antivirus Quantum, however, gives you the capacity necessary for 10 to 40 users! For very large firms with hundreds of potential program users, it is recommended that you try a different program such as MAS 90 accounting software. 

When you're ready to take your business to the next level with sophisticated accounting software, be sure to check out online stores that offer software and Antivirus training. Online resources are bountiful on topics such as Antivirus trainings.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

free antivirus software safe?

All of us want something for practically nothing. A good deal which costs nothing, most of the time captures our eyes in a manner "hey, I have nothing to dump here, right?"' The internet has ample cost-free  antivirus softwares, from business devices down to package deals intended for those taking up astronomy. For anyone on a limited budget, free software gives them access to programs that would normally be well beyond their financial reach. They are also usually developed by like-minded people with the same interests in a particular field, but with a little extra programming experience.

But what of the hidden costs? Free software is certainly excellent most especially when it functions correctly. The "benchmark" standard which is not available in cost-free software can be an issue. Any person will be able to create a software free for all of us yet not testing it out for discrepancies, match-ups and as well if the program functions the way it is supposed to. With this free antivirus download, you can be lucky enough to make your life easier by being able to do jobs effectively and a lot simpler. At the same time when you're unfortunate, you may possible enter into a software which can ruin your hard disk, as well as screw up your operating system causing you to spend money overtime. In spite of that response, anyone may possibly waste a lot with the free software.

One other issue regarding that cost-free software would be that in most instances, you could not get the complete version of the application. Most freeware is a 'cut-down' version of the full package and can also have a limited lifespan (usually 30 days) before the user license runs out. To be able to get the complete package, you must spend some money to get the uptodate ones. This is certainly accurate when it comes to anti-virus packages particularly AGV or ZoneAlarm. It also pays to read the terms and conditions very carefully before you click on 'I agree' on your registration. Exactly what are you agreeing for? How will they make use of your data? When you are uncertain, never say yes to anything then be sure to browse around in order to check if there's a thing less constrictive in its terms and conditions which too can be more ideal for your needs. Or perhaps save some cash then purchase the complete version.

Customer service - an optional extra

One of the biggest bugbears of free software is the lack of customer service. When it comes to popular operating systems particularly Microsoft, a group of technicians are available to repair those issues we may come across every once in a while. Nonetheless with free software, the creator can sometimes be a corporation or even just anyone who suddenly thought of this kind of idea. When that nice idea won't run the way you want it to, hence your only choice would be to send the person an email and wait for his reply. If it's been some time since he developed the software, there's a good chance he's moved on to other things and you're left hanging with a piece of freeware that is practically useless, no customer support and little chance of ever getting any kind of answer.

There will also be a threat of having bugs, trojans as well as malware. Even when most developers do not intend to infect their software with a virus, there are however lots of free anti-virus download which are open to anyone thus people may adapt and consequently alter the code at their choice. That too includes the less scrupulous people who may possible send out infected softwares. The results, as what all of us knows, may be too damaging.

With the development of Net 2.0, this free software will certainly have a significant role for it.. While the net is becoming further open source, the near future of free software is certain. Despite the failures of 'something for nothing', freebies are what we people still love. Fortunately, your cherished hard drive can be risk-free from damages or harms due to up-to-date security protocols. Yet the issue regarding customer service support will still be a thing that's too difficult to fix. There are particular websites that specifically try to redress this problem by having a control system in place to ensure that all freeware provided on their site is sourced back to the developer, and that he or she understands their obligation to people using their freeware. However this actually is self-regulatory as well as open to 'interpretation'. Unfortunately, there is always a cost for anything that claims to be 'free'.