Saturday, September 18, 2010

AV Software Review

Until now, I have always preferred a free antivirus program that will help me convert or burn DVDs to transfer them into my gadgets or even play them in my DVD player at home. As what you've read on my other reviews, I have around 230 DVDs and out of those, around 70 are movies for my kids or for the whole family.

My kids have already destroyed a lot of DVDs that I burn due to scratching them on the floor or perhaps spilling juice on them after watching that movie. Of course, these things took place since my DVD organizer is easy to reach and when my kids haven't reached 3 and 7 years old.

This is why I backup nearly every DVD that I own (and want to keep) that my kids can actually reach and touch themselves. Combine this with the fact that we have a car DVD system and I don't want to keep the original movies in the car, I backup about 7-10 family movies to keep in the car at all times and rotate these out for long trips.

And so this is when the free antivirus download software is necessary since it can convert DVDs into media files, mpeg or simply backup a DVD to another DVD.

DVD Ripper quickly and efficiently allows you to rip movie DVDs and back them up so that you can keep your originals in pristine condition. You can even use DVD Ripper Mac to backup movies on your Apple OS X desktop or laptop if you don't want to have to or don't use Windows.

Backing up movies and DVD's couldn't be easier and you can choose whatever video size you want when you rip the video. It's also possible to select particular portions of the movie that you want to rip and place them on your blog or in a Youtube show.

The software does cost $35.95 for the standard edition and $45.95 for the platinum edition, this is on par with other DVD ripper products, though typically for this type of software I prefer $29 95 or less.

There are other DVD backup software products but I found this one worth featuring on my Technology Blog and I have had a chance to review several other DVD copying/backup software products before.

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