Saturday, September 18, 2010

Virus & CyberCrime Environment 2010

Sadly it is essential you get a free antivirus download to protect your PC. Viruses in the computer are nowadays escalating and so you must protect your computer from such so that you will not be a victim of these scammers.

Furthermore, there are also safety measures for you to enhance the security of your computer. Follow these steps to see how you can help keep the cyber criminals away.

Download All of the Patches for your Operating System

Those scammers will often try to use the security loophole in your operating system. Your computer operating system contains a built in security wherein it continues to update the software to lessen your risk of scammers destroying your system. Make sure that you always keep your system up to date with the latest softwares from Microsoft.

You can have a look at the Microsoft website for any recent updates yet it is far better to place your computer in a mode wherein it automatically updates to ensure that you're constantly updated. You can set automatic updates via your Control Panel in the Security area.

Disconnect From the Internet

Reduce the risk of getting a computer virus and disconnect from the Internet when you are not using it. After you have been online malware can automatically execute on your machine when you have finished using your computer it is always best to disconnect from the Internet and turn your machine off.

Make Sure Your Email Spam Filters are Properly Configured

Computer viruses are often spread via attachments and links in emails. Once you do not know the person who sent you the email, it is better if you just don't open it. Emails contain a lot of cyber scams wherein they carry harmful viruses to hack your personal information.

Don't Download Pirated Software    

We often used the internet to get files and download them in our computer. However, be cautious when downloading files as this may contain viruses. Make sure you trust the source as malicious code could be present on the download.

Use an Encrypted Password Management System

For each site that you log in, you have to have different passwords because once a hacker will know one of your passwords, he/she will use this to hack your other accounts. It is much easier to remember only one password than many, so many people use the same password for everything. But it is also a big security risk, so try adding numbers of using a mixture of upper and lower case.

Even though these tips will lessen the risk of viruses getting into your system, it is still most ideal to get a free anti-virus download into your computer to completely protect you from such viruses.

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